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The importance of rotary kiln girth gear

30 Sep,2021 UTC+8 Views:

As the saying goes: "a small leak will sink a great ship". This sentence tells us that a small thing will be a disaster if you're not careful. Compared with the main motor, rotary kiln shell and other major parts, rotary kiln accessories are generally smaller volume, easy to ignore in the design and manufacture. Accessories are small, but its effect is not allowing to ignore. If all parts of rotary kiln can reach the best state, that will enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the rotary kiln.

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Rotary kiln gear ring is the key component of rotary kiln operation, its quality directly affects the stability of rotary kiln transmission device, the stability of the rotary kiln, kiln lining service life and the operation rate of rotary kiln. Therefore, when customers choosing manufacturers, it’s better to choose a manufacturer with good reputation and high credibility, so as to guarantee the quality of rotary kiln girth gear. As the most powerful large steel manufacturer in China, CHAENG has years of experience in rotary kiln large girth gear castings, cases all over the country, is the choice of thousands of loyal customers.

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rotary kiln shell.jpgCHAENG adopts unique heat treatment technology in the large gear ring casting process, which optimizes the structure of the gear ring, improves the hardness, and greatly enhances the wear-resistance and impact-resistance of the product. In the selection of the material of the large gear ring, CHAENG uses high-strength steel for casting, which can ensure the stability of the large gear ring under long-term operation and prolong the service life of the large gear ring. CHAENG has strong strength and can mass-produce parts such as large gear rings, with short casting cycle and large output.

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After years of development and experience, the Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery corporation has become the largest casting production and processing enterprises in North Henan. At present, CHAENG have had the comprehensive ability to provide clients with a series of service from the rough casting to machining finished product processing and a complete set of solutions for the processing of key parts and components. customers are welcome to come to consult.

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