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Still worried about the disposal of nickel slag?

12 Jan,2022 UTC+8 Views:

Nickel slag is the solid waste slag produced by smelting nickel-iron alloy. If it is directly discarded, it will seriously damage the environment. Scientific and effective treatment of these nickel-iron slags can not only reduce the harm to the environment and human health but also obtain huge profits from it. So how to deal with nickel slag scientifically?
Among them, vertical grinding is a very popular processing method recently. The nickel slag micro powder formed after the nickel slag vertical roller mill treatment has a specific surface area of 480-500㎡/kg, which ensures that the activity of the nickel slag can be maximized. It can also be added to cement clinker. According to the national standard, the addition amount can reach 8%, and the nickel-iron slag has pozzolanic activity, and the addition amount in cement can reach 30%. Industry experts have done many research experiments. The results show that nickel slag, like steel slag, slag and other industrial wastes, can produce clinker cement, and nickel slag has very good activity, slightly better than steel slag.

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Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has a vertical mill and a ball mill powder test line, and more than 60 pieces of test equipment for various materials and concrete. It has rich laboratory analysis capabilities for various powder materials, and can provide customers with scientific and professional industrial waste slag system solutions based on the characteristics of nickel slag. Welcome online consultation or leave a message.

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