From 1958 to 2018,CHAENG(Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd.)have been established for 60 years.CHAENG witnessed the whole process of the development and changes of Chinese building materials equipment. Now, let's review the development of CHAENG in the past 60 years and look forward to its bright future. " 60 years of craftsmanship, centenary dreams of CHAENG” the future of the Great Wall, is waiting for us to strive to create.

60 year CHAENG

Entrepreneurial history—CHAENG changes

In 2018, we ushered the 60 anniversary of the founding of CHAENG. In the past 60 years, CHAENG has cultivated the domestic market and actively exploited the overseas market, which makes it be a professional integrated supplier of grinding system. CHAENG has written a wonderful chapter in the development history of large-scale equipment R&D and manufacturing in the world.

History of scientific research—CHAENG products

CHAENG’s 60 years of development is also a history of technological innovation. It is the 60th anniversary of CHAENG this year. Please let’s review the history of technological innovation of CHAENG and explore how CHAENG has developed into a professional comprehensive service provider of grinding system based on technological innovation.

Development of ball mill

  • 01
    Initial stage of establishment

    In the early days, based on the production of agricultural machinery and tools, then change to develop ball mill.

  • 02
    Period of self-reliance

    Lacking of technology and production equipment, producing equipment by themselves, hiring professional technical personnel to work together to overcome the difficulties from the state-owned large factories or colleges and universities, it eventually developed and manufactured ball mill products. The development of series high fine grinding mill for large dry cement production line makes CHAENG a famous enterprise of kiln grinding.

  • 03
    The improvement and development are highly praised

    In the early 21st century, in combination with the market development trend, CHAENG transformed the traditional ball mill and developed a national special product with large capacity -- a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mill.

Design and production of Vertical mill

With the development of vertical grinding technology at the beginning of the 21st century, more and more cement enterprises obsoleted the traditional ball mill and began to accept using vertical grinding machines. In this case, Mr Wang Jizhong, chairman of the board of directors, saw the development prospect of this new pulverizing equipment and in 2007, he decided to adjust the product structure and develop a new type of grinding equipment in domestic -- vertical grinding mill.

  • Stage1: Trial stage of vertical mill for raw material

    It is determined that the research and development of vertical mill is the “No. 1 mission”for the whole company with the formal files; setting up R&D special group of vertical mill and cooperating with domestic well-known building materials design institute to establish base of“Research &Study&Production”. On the basis of studying the different models abroad, combined with the domestic situation, we independently developed vertical mill and finally design the GRM series of vertical grinding machine.

  • Stage2: Rapid development of single vertical mill.

    In 2010, in order to better promote the new type of vertical grinding mill and verify the advancement of vertical grinding technology of CHAENG, CHAENG built the first 600,000t/y slag grinding demonstration training base with its homemade GRMS46.41.


The completion and production of this production line proves that the vertical grinding mill of CHAENG is advanced in technology, stable in operation, energy-saving and environmental protection, and all operating indicators are at the advanced level in China, which dispelled people's concerns about domestic vertical grinding mill. Meanwhile, many new technologies and materials of CHAENG have been applied and verified in this production line, which has played an important role in continuous innovation and optimization of CHAENG vertical mill.

Thanks to this production line, CHAENG has made new breakthroughs in vertical grinding technology. Various types of vertical grinding machines have been developed and put into production successfully.

Stage3: Integration service stage of vertical mill

Transformation from a supplier of single equipment to a integrated supplier. Based on the demonstrated production line with vertical mill, we independently design and complete the civil work, process, non-standard parts, auxiliary selection and other full range of technical data for the slag grinding production line with annual output of 300,000, 450,000, 600,000, 700,000, 1000,000 tons, and launch its EPC service of "one vertical mill, eight services", which rapidly make us from a single supplier of vertical mill equipment to an integrated supplier of grinding system who can provide the project design, equipment manufacturing, installation, debugging, intelligent service, technical training, spare parts, raw materials testing and other services.


Up to now, CHAENG has built 116 grinding plants of slag/steel slag/nickel slag for customers all over the world. The world-renowned integrated supplier of grinding system has become CHAENG's new brand label. In the future, CHAENG will make unremitting efforts and exploration towards the lofty goal of being the first-class comprehensive service provider of grinding system.

Development of rotary kiln

In the 1980s, due to the lack of technology and production equipment, the ∅2.5meters rotary kiln developed by CHAENG was launched into the market, which opened the way of developing and manufacturing CHAENG rotary kiln.

In the early 21st century, CHAENG carried out technological transformation of traditional rotary kilns according to the constant changes in market demand. The new rotary kiln is more energy efficient and environment-friendly, with high degree of automation and good quality of finished products. It is widely used in many industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and environmental protection.


Technology Innovation

CHAENG continue to increase its investment in research and development, focusing on key core technologies and exploring advanced technologies in the fields of energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence. Nearly 40 technologies have been granted utility model patent certificates by the State Intellectual Property Office. The optimized ∅ 4.2x 13 m double-sliding mill manufactured in 2010 fundamentally solve the problem of generating heat that has puzzled the sliding shoe of the mill for a long time in the industry. The national utility model patent is obtained. The patent number is ZL201020285841.9.


By technical innovation, CHAENG keeps expanding product models, especially in the development of vertical mill. The slag vertical mill model keeps improving. For example, there are GRMS33.31 and GRMS33.21 of slag mill for the annual production capacity of 300,000tons; GRMS34.21 and GRMS34.31 for the annual production capacity of 400,000tons; and for the annual output of 600,000 tons, there are three models, such as GRMS46.41, GRMS43.21 and GRMS43.31. The product matrix keeps expanded, which has not only achieved remarkable economic benefits, but also won high recognition and praise from the market.

Brand story—CHAENG’s honor

Starting from 1958, CHAENG experienced the development process that started from scratch, from small to large scale, from weak to strong, and finally won numerous industry awards.
CHAENG 60year’s development history is also a glorious history

1958~2000 years, CHAENG transformed from agriculture machinery to industrial machinery, completed the products transformation from “the small cement” with small specification to “the big cement”with big specification, and realized the leap-forward development.

2001~2002 years, CHAENG fully developed in product research and development, enterprise management etc, enhanced the enterprise core competitiveness. Its double slipper mill with diameter of 4.2 x 13m won the national utility model patent,and highly praised by customers.

2011~2015 years, CHAENG’s technology research and development level continues to be improved, and many technologies won the national patent. It was awarded the “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and many other honors. Its vertical roller mill is widely used in cement industry, mining, industrial waste slag treatment and other fields because of its advantage of energy saving & environmental protection. It also has cooperated with Shanghai Bao Steel, Indonesia Sumatra steel group and other large well-known enterprises which constantly improves our brand influence.

2016~2018 years, CHAENG successful transformed from individual equipment supplier into integrated supplier of grinding system; lime rotary kiln production technology has also achieved a qualitative leap; actively apply for quality, environment, occupational health etc management systems, work hard to enter international market and establish world’s brand.

Team-work history—CHAENG’S elite

The completion of every accessory contains the inheritance of craftsmanship of CHAENG people; the birth of every equipment exhibits painstaking efforts and wisdom of CHAENG people. CHAENG’s 60-years history, is its 60 years of continuous development, and also the CHAENG people’s 60 years craftsmanship persistence and inheritance.

60 years of craftsmanship, centenary dreams of CHAENG. In CHAENG company, the spirits of craftsmanship is “dedication, innovation, lean, service, integrity, team-work”. CHAENG people contribute youth and strength to the development of CHAENG, following the practical and responsible working attitude, with awe of work, try hard to do the job to the best possible level generation after generation.


Jizhong WangChairman

Assumed responsibility abruptly under the difficult circumstances, to make CHAENG revival of prosperous.

In the year of 1998, Jizhong Wang, only 33 years old, was appointed the director of Xinxiang Great Wall mining machinery factory by the Mengzhuang town government, which was also known as “the first year of Jizhong Wang”. He is ahead of the reform concept, dare to be the first, seeking innovation, dare to challenge the conventional, dare to assume responsibility and risk. Creating “CHAENG” high-quality brand, adjusting the structure and developing new product, expanding reproduction, setting up standard and seeking for development, innovating management model, increasing infrastructure construction, contributing to the society as a model, who played a huge role in CHAENG’s development.

Lovely “CHAENG’s people

They are the loveliest presence of CHAENG,no matter where they are, maybe in workshop for production, maybe in a project site for installation. They sweat out quality products with the spirit of not afraid of suffering to contribute their youth, and they are the great CHAENG people whom we are proud of. They have a devoted heart, working under tough conditions all year round, willingly bearing the burden of hard works, no regrets, silently giving.

The future can be expecting—Centenary Dreams of CHAENG


60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG

60th anniversary, three breakthroughs and changes of CHAENG

  • environment protection

    New breakthroughs have been made in energy conservation and environmental protection technologies to provide more environmental protection for the industry grinding equipment and kiln equipment. It is dedicated to be a builder of a beautiful environment.

  • The development of the Internet

    We will speed up the integration of information technology and traditional industries, accelerate the process of digital transformation, promote intelligent production line development, realize the CHAENG intelligent building.

  • Intelligent development

    Through innovation in technology and services, etc, full grinding mill system integration, networking, intelligent level, has realized innovation-driven development.


In 2018, with the achievement of the target mission of "project 101" as a new starting point, improving management, encouraging innovations, transformation and upgrading, to make an excellent performance to celebrate 60 anniversary of the founding of CHAENG and start a new journey to establish a century-old CHAENG enterprise! Let's go hand in hand to make CHAENG a respected modern multinational corporation when the company is 100 years old!

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