Project Introduction

The slag produced by blast furnace smelting in iron and steel plants has large amount, many types and is difficult to treat. In order to fully turn blast furnace slag into treasure, Jinxi Steel Group New Materials Company has invested in two slag powder production lines with an annual output of 1.8 million tons, processing more than 3 million tons of industrial solid waste such as slag and steel slag every year. Steel slag is sent to the vertical roller mill grinding system after hot disintegration, magnetic separation, crushing, and screening, and finally forms cementitious material as the basic material of the building materials industry.

Host EquipmentHost Equipment

The vertical roller mill system used in the industry solid waste utilization project of Jinxi Steel refers to the 600,000-ton-per-year steel slag grinding plant contracted by Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery (CHAENG). The host equipment adopts GRMSS46.31 steel slag vertical roller mill of CHAENG. The specific surface area of the steel slag powder reaches 450㎡/kg, which fully meets the requirements of the building materials industry for steel slag powder.

Host Equipment

Meaning of the project

Jinxi Steel Group uses the vertical roller mill grinding system to treat industrial solid waste, which promotes the high-value comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources such as steel slag, and sets a good example for enterprises to achieve environment-friendly ​transformation, low-carbon sustainable, and high-quality development effect.

The ultra-fine slag powder formed after grinding is sent to the surrounding cement plants, mixing stations and other enterprises, which solves the long-term dependence of the building materials industry on natural mineral resources.

The success of the project not only solves the problems of land occupation and pollution of solid waste but also enables iron and steel enterprises to achieve both economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, it also represents that CHAENG's EPC service plan for comprehensive utilization of resources has been highly recognized by the industry and the market in response to the increasingly concerning problem of iron and steel solid waste treatment.


The steel slag produced by steelmaking process in the steel plants is contained in slag pots and is dumped into the drum/hot stuffy tank. The steel slag is pretreated by drum / hot disintegrating method to separate iron content, and stimulate the stability and activity. After the pretreated steel slag is screened by the vibrating feed screen to remove large pieces of steel slag, it enters the crushing and magnetic separation system which crushes the steel slag by a rod mill. The pretreated steel slag with particle size ≤5mm and metal iron content ≤2% will be sent to the GRMSS series steel slag vertical mill developed by CHAENG for final grinding. With the help of the hot air provided by the hot blast stove, the pulverized materials are selected by the powder separator and dried at the same time. The finished products that meet the requirements are finally transported to the dust collector, and then entered into the finished product warehouse by the air transport chute and elevator.

Advantages of GRMSS

  • Independent patent, reliable performance

    It has its own patented technology in iron removal before grinding, during grinding and after grinding. Through the internal iron removal, external circulation iron removal, high-pressure and less-roller grinding technologies, the metal iron in industrial solid waste can be effectively removed.

  • Finished product with good economic benefits

    GRM series vertical roller mill of CHAENG adopts unique roller sleeve and lining plate. The finished product has high fineness, specific surface area of more than 450-500 m2/kg, and good activity. It is suitable for cement active mixture, concrete admixture and cementitious material.

  • Advanced technology, better energy saving effect

    Using the vertical grinding process, the energy consumption of the system is reduced to below 40kW·h/t, which is 20% less than the conventional process. At the same time, the entire production line adopts DCS central control system, which has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate.


After more than ten years of development, CHAENG, which has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial solid waste, has continuously achieved excellent results, and has successfully provided more than 150 vertical roller mill general contracting solutions for domestic and foreign customers, including steel slag resource utilization of many iron and steel enterprises.

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Advantages of CHAENG

Strong R&D and testing capabilities

The Industrial Waste Residue R&D Center Test Base of CHAENG has 2 complete vertical mill grinding test systems, ball mill grinding test systems, and more than 20 sets of various powder and concrete test equipment, which can meet the requirements of various types of industrial waste residue powder test about activity, fineness, grindability, metal consumption, and concrete workability, tensile and compressive strength, etc. It provides equipment selection and reference numerical basis for the resource utilization of industrial waste residues.

In 2011, the company invested 50 million yuan to build a training base for a vertical roller mill demonstration line with an annual output of 600,000 tons. The production line has advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, and considerable economic benefits. It can provide customers with comprehensive inspection, online training and other services.

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In the future, CHAENG will continue to deeply cultivate the field of industrial solid waste resource utilization, and continuously optimize the EPC solution of the whole process of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization. CHAENG contribute to promoting the comprehensive utilization of steel slag, slag and other solid waste resources, turning waste into treasure, and helping enterprises with green transformation, low-carbon sustainable and high-quality development, to build a new ecology of green treatment of solid waste!

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