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Korea POSCO 300.000t/a EPC GGBS Plant

Project introduction

300,000t/y GGBS Plant uses GRMS33.31 vertical roller mill as the host machine, with the design yield of 45t/h, the actual output of 50t/h, and the specific surface area of 4200cm2/g. The heat of hot air furnace is 8,000,000kcal/h, and the water content of the finished product is less than 1%. The equipment operates well and every indicator is normal, fully meeting the production requirements of the customers. It is reported that the 300,000t/y GGBS Plant project in Indonesian built by CHAENG cooperating with POSCO is under construction and expected to be put into production in July. Please follow up on the official website later.

ggbs plant

Process introduction

Piles of slag are taken and fed by the forklift truck, and conveyed by a belt conveyor. During the process of conveying, slag raw material will be iron-removing and screening through magnetic separator and vibrating screen, and then go to the weigher cabin, elevator and last to the vertical roller mill for grinding process. The ground granulated slag powder is drying by the hot air supplied by hot blast furnace, and with the help of hot air, the powder selecting is made in the separator. The qualified slag powder particles will be collected by bag dust collector, then conveyed to and stored in the silos by the air slide and elevator.

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ggbs plant


Specification GRMS53.41 Vertical roller mill GRMS46.41 Vertical roller mill GRMS33.31 Vertical roller mill
Annual capacity (t) 1,000,000 600,000 300,000
Designed capacity (t/h) 150 90 45
Feeding capacity (t/h) 188 125 65
Actual capacity (t/h) 160 105 55
Finished product fineness (cm²/g) 500 500 500
Power consumption/unit (KWh/t) 26.5 28.5 30
System power consumption (KWh/t) 35 37 42
Coal consumption (equivalent to standard coal) (kg) 17 18 18
Metal recovery rate per ton of slag powder (%) 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3

Process highlights

1.POSCO selected the CHAENG GRMS33.31 vertical roller mill. The process is designed as “One vertical roller mill, two purposes” for the customer's demands, with two feed openings. Different materials can use different feed openings, and the different material conversion takes only 40 minutes, thus one production line can grind two kinds of materials.

2.GGBS plant system adopts DCS central control system, all operation parameters can be adjusted in the middle control, the system response is fast, and the operation is simple and easy.

3.CHAENG has a large steel casting base with all the mainframe and spare parts self-supporting. We can guarantee the delivery process, and provide fast and high quality service for our cunstomers in customizing spare parts.

slag grinding plant

Auxiliary Equipment

Raw material vertical mill Raw material vertical mill
Slag Vertical Roller Mill Slag Vertical Roller Mill
Coal vertical mill Coal vertical mill

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