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Steel slag grinding plant

Materials: Steel slag

Main equipment: GRMSS steel slag vertical mill

Applications: Roads, building materials, soil amendments, sewage treatment


Applications of steel slag: road construction, production of building materials, soil amendments, marine engineering, sewage treatment

Committed to providing solutions for the comprehensive treatment of industrial waste slag, CHAENG conducts all-around exploration in the comprehensive treatment of steel slag. Aiming at the characteristics of steel slag, CHAENG proposes a turnkey service plan for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag, which uses vertical roller mills as the main grinding equipment.

The steel slag produced by steelmaking in the iron and steel plant is contained in a slag pot at the slag tapping site. The tilting device holds tightly and move the slag pot, to dump the steel slag into the drum/hot disintegrating tank for pretreatmen through the drum/hot disintegrating process, which can separate the iron, and stimulate the stability and activity of steel slag. The steel slag after pretreatment is screened by a vibrating feed screen to remove large slag steel, and then enters the crushing magnetic separation system, where the steel slag is crushed and purified by a rod mill. The purified steel slag tailings has an iron content of less than 2% and a fineness of less than 10mm. The metal material can be recycled back to the steel plant for sintering and steelmaking. Steel slag below 5mm enters the grinding system and is ground by the GRMSS series steel slag vertical roller mill. The produced steel slag powder has a specific surface area of 400-500㎡/kg, which is widely used in cement and concrete admixture, realizing the high-value resource utilization of steel slag.


Items 600,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption 450,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption 300,000t/a slag grinding plant Energy consumption
Output(t/h) 105 65 50
Annual output (×10,000 tons) 60 45 30
Total Power(KW) 5400 3770 2860
The power at 10KV(KW) 4400 3140 2230
Transformer specifications 1000KVA 630KVA 630KVA
Power consumption /unit product (Kwh/ton) 40 40~41 42
Coal consumption /unit product (kg/ton) 18 18 18


1.Independent patents, reliable performance

CHAENG has its own patented technology in removing iron before, during and after grinding, which can adapt to the characteristics of poor grindability and high iron content of steel slag, and the equipment runs smoothly.

steel slag vertical mill

2.High yield, good quality, and more economical

The GRMS steel slag vertical roller mill adopts unique roller shells and liners. The steel slag powder produced by it has high fineness, and the specific surface area can reach 450-500㎡/kg or more. The finished product has good activity and is suitable for cement active mixing materials and concrete admixtures.

3.Advanced technology, more energy efficient

Using the vertical roller mill grinding process, the system power consumption per ton of steel slag powder saves 20% compared to the conventional process. At the same time, the entire production line adopts the DCS central control system, which is highly automated and easy to operate.

Service & Surport

1.Raw material transfer system

Equipment: slag pot
slag pot

The slag pot required for the transfer of steel slag in the steel plant is the leading product of the large-scale foundry base of CHAENG.

The CHAENG slag pot adopts one-piece casting, which has the advantages of strong resistance to deformation and long service life: up to 6000 times, which is 20% higher than the the peers.

It is a high-quality slag pot supplier of famous steel groups such as Mittal and Tata.

2.Pretreatment system

Custom process

At present, there are many steel slag pretreatment processes of domestic steel enterprises, such as water quenching, air quenching, hot splashing, hot disintegrating, aging, etc. CHAENG can recommend scientific solutions for you according to your needs.

3.Crushing and magnetic separation system

Equipment: Rod mill

The pre-treated steel slag is purified and magnetically separated by a rod mill to realize the separation of slag and steel. The slag steel with an iron grade of over 85% can be directly returned to the converter, and the magnetic separation powder with and iron grade of more than 40% can be returned as sinter ingredients . The tailings with iron content of less than 2% can be used to produce steel slag powder, reducing metal resource waste.

The overall production process has low noise and low dust, reducing environmental pollution.

Auxiliary Equipment

Coal mill Coal mill
Vertical cement mill Vertical cement mill
Raw material vertical mill Raw material vertical mill
Cement Grinding Station Cement Grinding Station

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