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Ball mill

Cylinder Diameter: Φ1.5-Φ4.0m

Capacity: 20-180t/h

Motor Power: 90-3300kw

Applicable material: Cement, slag, steel slag, nickel slag, coal and various mineral ore


As a professional ball mill machine manufacturer and supplier, we can provide types of ball mills according to customers’ requirements.

1) According to grinding media: ball mill, rod mill

2) According to product material: cement mill, slag mill, ore dressing mill, raw material mill, coal mill and so on

3) According to grinding methods: open circuit grinding, closed-circuit grinding or ring flow mill

4) According to support methods: slipper mill, bushing mill and rolling bearing mill

5) According to transmission location: edge transmission mill, central transmission mill

6) According to crushing material size: crushing mill, high fine mill, ultra high fine mill

The ball mill machine is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cover, bearing and big gear ring. The ball mill working process is carried out in the cylinder. The material enters the first warehouse spirally and evenly along the input material hollow axis by the input material device. In this chamber, there is a ladder scale board or ripple scale board, and different specification steel balls. When the shell rotates and it produces centrifugal force. At this time, steel balls will be carried to a certain height and fall down to make the material heavy impact and then be ground. After being ground coarsely in the first chamber, material enters the second chamber for regrinding with the steel ball and scale board. In the end, the powder is discharged by the output material board and the final products are completed.



Model Output(t/h) Rotate Speed(r/min) Feed size(mm) Grinding Media Load(t) Effective Volume(m³) Drive mode Motor(KW) Main reducer Weight(t)
φ2.4*13 21-23 20.3 ≤25 65 51.7 Rim drive 800 JDX710 116
φ2.6*13 28-32 19.61 ≤25 75 60 Rim drive 1000 JDX800 149
φ3.0*13 33-37 18.08 ≤25 108 80.9 Rim drive 1400 JDX900 172.3
φ3.2*13 45-50 18.04 ≤25 128 92.4 Rim drive 1600 MBY1000
φ3.2*14 48-52 18.04 ≤25 138 99.8 Rim drive 1800 MBY1000 228
φ3.4*11 45-50 18 ≤25 115 94 Rim drive 1600 MBY1000 205
φ3.5*13 55-60 17.09 ≤25 160 111.2 Rim drive 2000 JDX1000
φ3.8*13 66 16.4 ≤25 195 129.3 Central drive 2500 MFYX250 286
φ4.0*13 80-85 15.5 ≤25 235 155 Central drive 2800 JS140-A 220 (Without transmission part)
φ4.2*13 (closed-circuit) 140-155 15.6 ≤25 240 157 Central drive 3550



287 (Without transmission part)
φ4.6*13(closed-circuit) 170-180 15.7 ≤25 292 210 Central drive 4500 MFY450 346 (Without transmission part)


Efficient energy-saving ball mill of CHAENG has been popular in many cement plants and grinding plants both at home and abroad, applied to a number of cement production lines and grinding production lines, such as: φ4.2 * 13m cement ball mill used in the Vietnam cement production line, φ3.2 * 13m cement mill used in Turkey cement production line, etc. At present, the energy saving and highly efficient ball mill of CHAENG has been sold more than 2000 sets all over the China.

ball mill for Turkey.jpg

cement ball mill.jpg


1. Uniform particle size, large processing capacity, high processing accuracy.

2. Adopt new wear-resistant lining board, service lives of wear parts are greatly improved, reduce operating costs.

3. Simple process, easy operation, low maintenance cost and more stable operation.

4. Wide application ranges, strong processing capacity, obviously continuous operation advantages.

5. High yield, durable, smooth running, reliable performance, and good wear resistance. Fineness in 800 mesh, and can be adjusted freely according to need.

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