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Lime Rotary Kiln

Capacity: 200-1500 t/d         Kiln Pitch: 3.5-4%

Cylinder Diameter: φ1.8-φ4.8 m

Application: active lime production line, cement production line and calcium carbonate decomposition production line, etc.

Process Description

The lime rotary kiln process is the material will be fed into the kiln tail through the chute in the gas chamber. As the kiln shell is inclined and rotates slightly, material will move along the round shell and move along shaft direction from kiln tail to kiln head. The material will be processed through pre-heat, decompose, calcined and will be fed into a cooler. Fuel will be given through gas or coal burner at kiln head and will be combusted in the kiln. Heat will be transferred to material by fire radiate, hot air flow, kiln brick transfer. The heat will heat and calcine material enough and make its final product.

The lime rotary kiln produced by CHAENG uses a vertical preheater with advanced structure and low pressure loss, which can effectively improve the preheating effect and increase the production efficiency. The quality of the lime produced is very good. Compared with the traditional lime rotary kiln, the output is increased by 30%, and the heat consumption is reduced by 40%. It is convenient for dust collection and can meet the modern energy-saving and environmental protection requirements.

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Lime kiln working principle


Designed capacity (T/D) 200 300 400 600 800 1000
Product active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime
Preheater specifications RS-6.5×3.4 RS-7.5×3.4 RS-8.5×3.4 RS-10.×3.4 RS-10.8×3.4 RS-13.5×3.4
Number of push rod 6 8 10 12 16 18
Kiln specifications φ2.8×42M φ3.3×50M φ3.6×56M φ4×60M φ4.3×66M φ4.8×68M
Effective volume (m³) 190 292 430 575 738 1005
speed (r/min) 0.45-2.22 0.2-1.9 0.22-1.57 0.48-1.57 0.21-1.57 0.19-1.98
Cooler specifications LS-3×3 LS-3.6×3.6 LS-3.8×3.8 LS-4.1×4.1 LS-4.7×4.7 LS-5.2×5.2
Feed temperature 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃ 1100±50℃
Discharge temperature <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃ <100℃
Weight(T) 35   40 50    
Heat rate (KJ/Kg) 5200 5200 5100 5000 5000 5000
Activity (50g,4NHCL,10MIN) ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML ≥360ML


1. Simple Operation, Large Output

Lime rotary kiln produced by CHAENG can easily and flexibly adjust the yield and quality. Its operation is smooth and the failure rate is low, which can improve the work efficiency and production. It can be used in 50-1500TPD active lime production line.

2. Calcined Raw Material Diameter <10mm

CHAENG lime rotary kilns can calcine the limestone raw materials below 10mm to improve the utilization of mining resources, and adopts advanced vertical preheater to effectively improve the preheating effect, making the lime activity ≥ 300 (ml).

3. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

The temperature of the flue gas discharged through the kiln tail vertical preheater is low, between 280-350℃, and the dust content is low, which makes the subsequent flue gas treatment configuration simple and effective, and meets environmental protection requirements.


In 2014, A company in Guangxi Province, China purchased a φ4.0 × 60m lime rotary kiln from CHAENG, the rotary kiln was installed in 2017, and it was put into use in June 2017.

After use, customers made positive comments that machines of CHAENG have outstanding performance and are good at energy-saving to save large cost for users.

rotary lime kiln.jpg


Lime rotary kiln structure is advanced and simple. The vertical preheater can effectively improve the preheating effect, the preheated limestone enters into the rotary kiln and is calcined at the best calcination temperature of 900 ~ 1100 ℃, the decomposition rate is up to 20 - 25%, more efficiently; the sealing system at both ends of the rotary kiln can make the air leakage coefficient less than 10%, to effectively reduce the loss of heat; the cooler located in the rotary kiln discharge port, can control the lime temperature at 800 ℃, making transport and storage more convenient.

china Lime rotary kiln


Founded in 1958 and located in Xinxiang, Henan province, CHAENG with 60-year experience in equipment manufacturing covers an area of 330,000 m2 and its annual production value is 1 billion yuan. The company specializes in manufacturing tube mills, rotary kilns, vertical mills and large steel casting and can undertake the EPC projects of cement production lines, active lime production lines, blast furnace slag/ steel slag/ nickel slag grinding plants, and its products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

Our long-term strategic partners: Arcelor Mittal, Tata Group, Pohang Iron and Steel Company, Germany CCE, Japan Chiba , Shanghai Baosteel,Voestalpine and ASGT.

Auxiliary Equipment

Active lime production line Active lime production line
Kiln supporting roller Kiln supporting roller
Preheater Preheater
Girth Gear Girth Gear
Cooler Cooler

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