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Some Matters need to be attention in the processing of cast steel kiln tyre

19 Nov,2020 UTC+8 Views:

Chaeng has rich experience in processing rotary kiln accessories, so it will be more proficient in processing rotary kiln tyres, but some processing precautions need to be paid attention to during processing.

rotary kiln tyre

1. It is necessary to find the center when processing, and ensure that the inner and outer circles must have a proper processing amount.

2. The bottom surface of the rotary kiln tyre needs to be processed as little as possible, just see the light. If there is no casting defect on the bottom surface, it can be finished in place in one line. If there are defects remaining, it can be repaired and finished.

3. In the height direction, let the upper part be processed as much as possible, and the upper part of the tire has a processing volume of 60-70.

4. The kiln tyre is divided into two processes, rough machining and finishing, with a margin of 5mm on one side of the rough machining. If there is a casting defect waiting for the welding to be completed, finishing can be carried out.

5. The dimensions of the outer circle and the height direction are controlled according to a large deviation during finishing, which is convenient for processing after finishing defects.

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