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What regulations need to be followed when using slag pot/tank?

30 Nov,2020 UTC+8 Views:

Steel casting slag pot is important device in steel making. It is a load-bearing device to collect molten or solid slag generated during metallurgical or chemical processes. It is a bowl-shaped container with lifting lugs at both sides
slag pot
1. Before using the slag pot, it is necessary to confirm that there is no one on the road and there is no vehicle before operation.
2. After the slag pot is full of steel slag, the vehicle must be lifted and put down gently. When the vehicle is operating, the surrounding personnel must be called away.
3. Remember to use dry slag in the pad slag pot, not wet slag, and avoid shooting.
4. Before the start of the slag pot truck, large steel casting manufacturers must check whether the wires are damaged to prevent the wires from being exposed and electric shocks.
5. Fold the full red slag pot to ensure that the red slag pot is stored for about 16 hours in winter and about 24 hours in summer. It is better to extend the time, but not too long, and to ensure that it is completely solidified before folding. It can prevent the liquid slag from flowing out, causing a fire and causing a serious fire accident.
6. It is completely forbidden to fold the slag pot on a wet site or on a relatively wet object.
7. When digging the pool with cement, it is forbidden to pass over the top of the slag pool, and put the mud into the slag pool.

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