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What is the benefit after grinding steel slag into powder?

24 Feb,2021 UTC+8 Views:

Steel slag is an inevitable by-product of the steelmaking process in the industry, and its early utilization rate is low. Now with the development of ore/steel slag Portland cement technology, the steel slag is ground into fine powder which can be used as a mixture of cement or concrete. At present, the processing cost of domestic steel slag grinding varies, ranging from 60 to 100 yuan, which is lower than the price of slag powder and cement. Using 1 ton of fine steel slag powder instead of 1 ton of cement, the price difference is very considerable.

steel slag mill

A large number of experiments have shown that the steel slag is ground to the appropriate fineness by steel slag grinding equipment and scientifically formulated, so that the concrete plays a "micro-expansion" effect of the overall uniformity, and then brings the low hydration heat and low collapse that conventional cement does not have. A series of extremely valuable properties such as drop, high impermeability, high strength, high frost resistance, high abrasion resistance, high seawater corrosion resistance, high resistance to carbonization and a life span of more than 100 years.

In recent years, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has taken the protection of the ecological environment as the starting point and the development of circular economy as the goal. Relying on the company's 60-year-old equipment research and development, manufacturing advantages and the technology accumulation of comprehensive utilization of industrial waste slag resources, in the development and utilization of steel slag powder, Has gained a wealth of experience. Based on the raw material characteristics of steel slag, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery has designed a steel slag production line with advanced technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, and economical efficiency, helping steel companies to realize resource utilization.

Taking Ninggang as an example, in November and December 2017, Ninggang sold more than 20,000 tons of fine steel slag powder each month, mainly sold to cement plants and mixing plants. The price per ton rose from 115 yuan in September to December 175 yuan is still in short supply.

That is to say, grinding steel slag as a concrete admixture and a mixture of cement has a higher comprehensive benefit. It is an effective way to speed up the environmental protection of steel plants and promote the large-scale utilization of steel slag, and has good environmental benefits.

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