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5 ways to help you solve the problem of ball mill output decline

10 Sep,2021 UTC+8 Views:

Generally speaking, the output of the ball mill will remain within the normal range when the ball mill is put into production at the initial stage. After a period of operation, you will find that the output of the ball mill has become lower. Today, I will tell you 5 methods to effectively solve this problem.

1. Check whether the ball mill is "full grinding"
Mainly check and solve the problem from the following aspects:Is the feeding suddenly increased; Whether there is any change in the hardness or particle size of the grinding material; Whether the moisture of the grinding material is too large; Is the ventilation in the cylinder good; Whether the steel ball gradating is reasonable; Whether the partition plate or grate plate is blocked by waste or even completely blocked. The usual method is to reduce the amount of feeding to ensure smooth ventilation of the cylinder, at the same time, reasonably control the moisture of the feeding and adjust the moisture content according to the properties of different materials. Generally controlled below 5% is appropriate;Shut down to check the partition plate and grate plate, if there is material blockage, clean it up in time.
2. Check whether the ball mill has been working for a long time
The working time of the ball mill will directly affect the composition, purity and particle size of the product. When using, please follow the time standard given by the ball mill manufacturer, and regularly maintain and care the ball mill, such as maintaining a minor repair once a month and a medium repair once a year. In addition, heavy repair is required, and various parts of the equipment need to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced, such as ball mill trunnion and ball mill girth gear etc.
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3. Add steel balls in time
With the grinding and impact in the barrel of the ball mill, the steel ball will wear out to a certain extent, operators need to replenish steel balls regularly to maintain a reasonable ratio of steel balls. The ball mill steel ball grading range should be kept at 28%-32% in practical applications.
4. Check whether the temperature of the grinding material is too high
When the temperature exceeds 100°C, the air film that isolates the surface of the small particles of the material will be destroyed, then resulting in adhesion. A small amount of spray water can be sprayed into the powder bin of the ball mill to reduce the internal temperature to below 50 degrees.
5. Add a small amount of grinding aids
National standards stipulate that grinding aids are allowed to be added in the cement production process, but the addition amount shall not exceed 1%. However, most grinding aids are substances with strong surface activity and should not be used. After consulting the ball mill manufacturer, reasonable addition should be added reasonably according to the nature of the materials.
If you have any questions during the use of the ball mill, please contact CHAENG, we will provide you with 24-hour quick response. If you have any equipment needs, you are welcome to contact us!

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