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Can a rod mill be used for steel slag treatment?

17 Sep,2021 UTC+8 Views:

At present, the comprehensive utilization of steel slag can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure and create economic benefits. It is an effective way to promote the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, more and more companies tend to use steel slag to make powder, that is, use grinding and crushing equipment to make steel slag into fine powder.  Can a rod mill be used in the process?

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The rod mill is named because the grinding medium loaded in the cylinder is a steel rod. It can be used as a primary grinding mill, widely used in industries such as mineral processing plants, chemical plants, building materials plants, etc. The rod mill can crush and strip steel slag when processing, and has a certain selective grinding effect in the grinding process. The product has uniform particle size and few over-crushed particles. It can be used for both the purification and the crushing of the steel slag. When used for the purification of steel slag, it can be used to purify steel slag with a grain size of 10-80mm and a TFe of 50-60% to a TFe greater than 90%. When used for steel slag crushing, it can crush 10-80mm steel slag to less than 10mm. When the steel slag is purified or broken, the model of the rod mill and its internal structure (mill liner, steel rod) need to be adjusted accordingly.

In summary, the particle size of the tailings after rod mill treatment is generally less than 10mm, and the metal iron content is less than 2%. To prepare steel slag powder (with a finished specific surface area of at least 400m2/kg), grinding equipment is also required. CHAENG optimizes the iron separation process of the vertical mill grinding system, and adds several iron removers to the feeding system, which can make the iron content in the tailings less than 2%. And the steel slag powder has high fineness, the finished specific surface area can reach 450~500 m2/kg or above, and has good activity,which greatly increases the iron removal amount and improves the integrated economic and environmental benefits.

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