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Great Wall Steel Casting: Specializing in the production of slag pot

15 Oct,2021 UTC+8 Views:

As we all know, the slag pot is necessary equipment for steelmaking in metallurgical enterprises. It is a bowl-shaped container with hoisting trunnions on both sides of the high-temperature molten slag solution produced in the steel smelting process. At present, the common problems of slag pot in the market are backward technology, long casting cycle, short service life, and a large number of scraps, which have caused direct economic losses and repeated purchase costs to customers.           

As a professional large-scale slag pot foundry manufacturer, Great Wall Steel Casting adopts the most advanced international casting technology and software system, so that the casted slag pot has a construction period of fewer than 45 days, with an average use frequency of 600-800 times, and long service life, and adopts one-piece casting, which has strong resistance to deformation. One of the world’s largest steel groups, Tata Steel, has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Great Wall Steel Casting. Speaking of the slag pot, they nodded frequently and recommended the steel casting products of Great Wall Steel Casting to local steel companies.

On September 26, 2021, the latest batch of slag pots ordered by Tata Steel was sent from Great Wall Steel Casting to Shanghai Port, China.

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The slag pot is the leading product of Great Wall Steel Casting. It has won market reputation with high-precision technology and can customize the most suitable slag tank according to customer needs, and successfully exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, India, South Korea, More than 50 countries and regions such as Japan and Russia.
In addition to slag pots, Great Wall Steel Casting also produces various cast steel spare parts with a unit weight of more than 1 ton, such as vertical mills, ball mills, rotary kiln accessories, etc. Welcome to online consultation!

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