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Spare parts for cement plant

21 Jun,2022 UTC+8 Views:

Due to the long-running time of the main equipment of the cement plant, the shell of the rotary kiln, the large girth gear, the ball mill hollow shaft, the supporting roller, etc. will be worn to varying degrees, resulting in frequent equipment failures, affecting production, and even causing personal accidents in serious cases. Maintenance and replacement of spare parts for cement machinery production equipment can not only reduce equipment failures, but also improve equipment operation rate, effectively prolong equipment service life, and ensure more efficient operation of equipment after peak shift.


Rotary Kiln Shell


Girth Gear


Ball Mill Trunnion


Rotary Kiln Tyres

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery, as a well-known large-scale kiln mill service provider in China, provides a full range of kiln mill equipment spare parts services and can provide various mechanical equipment spare parts for industrial industries such as building materials, cement, and metallurgy, including roller assembly in vertical mill equipment, roller shells, grinding tables; rotary kiln shell, large ring gears, kiln tires, supporting rollers, hollow shafts of ball mills, etc. It can be customized according to the drawings provided by customers to meet the needs of different industries.
Xinxiang Great Wall specializes in providing stable, safe, long service life and strict flaw detection accessories for cement enterprises so that cement equipment can operate more efficiently and for a long time. In addition, CHAENG has a large casting processing base, rich casting experience, and professional testing instruments and processing equipment, which can help customers to test raw materials, including the hardness and accuracy of castings, and ensure the quality of castings. Make sure to produce high-quality spare parts products for customers!
If you have relevant requirements for cement machinery spare parts, please feel free to inquire online or leave a message.

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