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CHAENG grinding table for vertical roller mill

11 Jun,2020 UTC+8 Views:

Grinding table is one of the main accessories of vertical roller mill, which is mainly composed of table body, lining plate, pressing block, retaining ring, scraper plate, wind ring, wind deflector and other components. The primary function of the grinding table is to support the material bed and transmit the force generated by the grinding roller to the lower reducer. It also transmits the torque of the reducer to the grinding area.

vertical roller mill grinding table

vertical roller mill grinding table
   Grinding table manufactured by CHAENG for vertical roller mill
Advantages of CHAENG grinding table:
CHAENG can rationally optimize the grinding table casting technology according to the customer's individual needs, and manufacture the vertical roller mill grinding table with a unit weight of more than 1 ton for the customer according to the drawings.
CHAENG optimize the casting technology of grinding table and adopt advanced water glass sand modeling process, so that the grinding table base bears stress evenly; Increase the nip angle between grinding table and grinding rollers to avoid the erosion of the non wearing surface of grinding table.
Advanced machining equipment to ensure high surface finish of vertical grinding table.
Non-destructive inspection of the stressed surface before leaving the factory to ensure that the internal and external quality of the vertical mill grinding table meets industry standards.

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