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Rod Mill

Capacity: 30-250t/h

Motor Power: 75-1400kW

Fineness: 1-3mm

Applied material: Ore, coal, cement, slag, etc.

Application: Ore Dressing Line, Grinding Plant

Process introduction

The rod mill also called steel rod mill, uses steel rods that are 10-15% shorter than the barrel length as the grinding medium. Rod mill design for the coarse grinding of various hardness of ore materials. When the rod mill is working, it is decelerated by the motor through the reducer and surrounding large gears or is directly decelerated by the low-speed synchronous motor through the surrounding large gears to drive the cylinder to rotate. The cylinder is equipped with appropriate grinding media—steel rods for grinding. The medium is lifted to a certain height under the action of centrifugal force and friction force and falls in a thrown or cascading state. The ground material continuously enters the inside of the cylinder through the feed port and is crushed by the moving grinding medium. And through the force of overflow and continuous feeding, the product is discharged out of the machine for the next process operation.

When rough grinding, if the product size is 1-3mm, the processing capacity of the rod mill is greater than that of the same specification ball mill. When used for fine grinding and the product size is less than 0.5mm, the grinding effect of the ball mill is greater than that of the same specification rod mill. That is, the products of ball mill tend to be more refined, while the products of rod mills are rougher but more uniform. Thus, when making a project scheme, ball mill and rod mill must be selected according to actual conditions.

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CHAENG Rod mill can effectively control the inlet and outlet of materials, with advanced technology and obvious advantages:

1. Power saving

Saving over 40% of power than other equipment in the market.

2. uniform discharge size, high output

Adopt advanced controllable feed-discharge technology and use proper grinding medium according to actual grind materials. Instead of surface-contact mode of traditional ball mill, line-contact mode of rod mill makes finished size more uniform and decreases coarse particles and slime.

3. Adjustable discharging fineness, no over-grinding

The discharging fineness can be adjusted through simple adjustment. Inside the rod mill is installed a fineness control device, and discharging position has screening device. Those two kinds of devices can guarantee that over-grinding will not occur, and substandard product will not mix into finished product. Thus, finished product produced by rod mill is more uniform and over-grinding problem is less.

4. Rod mill has a wide application range, especially when grinding in some special conditions

In the gravity separation or magnetic separation process of tungsten tin ore and other rare metal ores, rod mills are often used to grind materials in order to prevent over-grinding and dust pollution. 

In the second-stage grinding process, the rod mill is usually used as the first-stage open-circuit grinding, with larger production capacity and higher efficiency.

When processing low-hardness and brittle materials, the rod mill can completely replace the cone crusher for fine crushing. The ball mill is not suitable for the gravity separation process in metal ore beneficiation because of the fine grinding materials and is prone to over-crushing. However, it is widely used in other ore beneficiation processes.


Model (m) Cylinder Diameter (mm) Cylinder Length (mm) Effective Volume (m³) Mill Rotation Speed (r/min) Grinding Body Load (t) Main wotor/Power (kW) Reference Weight (t) Remark
Φ1.5×3 1500 3000 5 23 8 75 20  
Φ2.1×3 2100 3000 8.8 19.4 25 220 48  
Φ2.4×3 2400 3000 11.8 18.2 27 250 58  
Φ2.7×3.6 2700 3600 18.8 17.5 42 400 70  
Φ3.0×4 3000 4000 25.9 16.2 50 500 89  
Φ3.2×4.5 3200 4500 33 15.5 56 630 118 Used for the Coal Water Slurry Mill
Φ3.2×4.8 3200 4800 34 15.5 60 710 121.2
Φ3.4×5.8 3400 5800 49 14.65 95 900 160
Φ3.6×5.4 3600 5400 50 14.5 97 1000 155
Φ3.6×5.8 3600 5800 53.8 14.3 135 1120 175
Φ3.8×5.2 3800 5200 54.1 14.2 102 1120 175
Φ3.8×5.8 3800 5800 60.3 14.2 112.2 1250 156 Rubber Liner
Φ4.0×6 4000 6000 70 14 130 1400 163 Rubber Liner


30t/d Rod mill required by customers in Kazakhstan, play extremely good production performance.

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Auxiliary Equipment

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Impact crusher Impact crusher

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