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Vertical Coal Mill

Capacity: 5-70 t/h

fineness: 80 μmR 3%

Power: 18-22 kWh/t

Application: Power plant, Cement plant, Lime plant Steel Plant, Thermal Power Plant etc.

Process introduction

Vertical coal mill, also known as vertical roller coal mill or vertical coal grinding mill, is a mechanical equipment for crushing and grinding coal into coal power. Mainly used for grinding raw coal, bituminous coal, and other fuels into coal powder, which is supplied to rotary kiln and other kilns in the cement plant and thermal power plant. It is an important auxiliary equipment for pulverized coal furnaces, rotary kilns and other kilns which need pulverized coal as fuel. GRMC coal vertical mill adopts special structure design and production technology, the production process has less dust and low noise, and the produced coal powder has excellent combustion performance.

1. The raw coal is screened from the raw coal storage yard and then dropped onto the belt conveyor through the grid screen. After the iron is removed by the electromagnetic iron separator, the belt conveyor sends the raw coal into the original coal bin for storage.

2. After the pulverizing system has been started, open the rod valve at the bottom of the original coal bin, and start the sealed measuring adhesive taped coal feeder, and then the raw coal enters into the coal vertical mill for drying and grinding.

3. The hot air from the hot stove or waste gas of cement production line are exhausted into coal vertical mill by fans, exchange heat with raw coal in mill, and then take pulverized coal up to separator for separating. Substandard coarse pulverized coal falls down to grinding table for regrinding, and qualified pulverized coal enters into pulse dust collector of explosion proof air box along with gas flow, and is discharged into pulverized coal bin through a grid wheel.

4. Impurities in raw coal, such as parts of coal gangue, metal blocks, etc., are discharged out of the mill through the wind ring and slag discharge port.


Model Grinding Table Diameter (mm) Roller Diameter (mm) Roller Number (n) Motor (kW) Output (t/h) Table Rotation (rpm)
GRMC12.21 1200 950 2 110 6.0 52.86
GRMC16.21 1600 1250 2 220 12.0 45.77
GRMC20.21 2000 1600 2 400 22.0 40.94
GRMC23.21 2300 1800 2 560 30.0 39.04
GRMC26.21 2600 2000 2 630 35.0 35.91
GRMC28.21 2800 2000 2 710 40.0 34.66
GRMC30.21 3000 2300 2 900 50.0 33.43
GRMC33.21 3300 2450 2 1120 60.0 32.37
GRMC34.31 3400 2000 3 1250 70.0 31.40
GRMC36.31 3600 2150 3 1400 80.0 30.52
GRMC38.31 3800 2300 3 1600 90.0 29.70
GRMC40.31 4000 2450 3 1800 105.0 28.95
GRMC43.31 4300 2550 3 2000 120.0 27.92

Remarks: vertical mill model selection benchmark:

(1) Medium Friction HGI=55-70;

(2) Max.moisture of raw material can be 10%;

(3) Finished Product Fineness 80µmR, 10%-15%;

(4) Finished Product moisture 0.5-1.0%;

(5) The specific installed power and technical parameters can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual material property and owner's requirement.





1. High efficiency and large output

GRMC series coal vertical grinding mill has higher working efficiency. Compared with the same type of old vertical mill, the output increases by 20-50%, and can greatly reduce the operation power consumption of the coal mill;

2. The fineness of finished product can reach 80μmR3%

GRMC series coal mill uses the most advanced static and dynamic combined separator which has high classification efficiency and big room for controlling. Selected powder fineness can reach 0.08 mm and the residue after screening can be less than 3%, being able to meet fineness requirements of most inferior coal or anthracite in cement production line.

3. Can dry the raw coal with water moisture up to 10%

The vertical mill adopts air sweeping type operation. By adjusting the incoming air temperature and air volume, it can grind and dry the raw coal with moisture up to 10%, and solve the requirement of high moisture drying with a large amount of wind.

4.Sealed structure, energy saving and environmental protection

The unique design of seal structure makes the whole system in the state of negative pressure. In the cement production line, there is no dust, low noise, and pulverized coal is collected by an air-box type pulse dust collector special for coal grinding, dust emission concentration to meet the national standards.

5. High safety performance

The coal vertical mill adopts the temperature detection device, the on-line gas analyzer and other explosion-proof measures to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. An explosion proof valve is arranged on the upper shell to prevent the explosion of the pulverized coal in the mill and ensure the safe use of the equipment.

In the nearly 60 years of large-scale grinding equipment manufacturing experience, CHAENG has manufactured many coal vertical grinding equipment which have been adopted by a number of Chinese coal grinding production lines.


Uzbekistan 1000t/d cement production line

Main equipment: GRMR26.21 raw material vertical mill, φ3.2X50m cement rotary kiln, GRMK33.31 cement vertical mill, GRMC16.21 coal vertical mill


Auxiliary Equipment

Coal Ball Mill Coal Ball Mill
Vertical Roller Mills Vertical Roller Mills
Vertical mill rocker arm Vertical mill rocker arm
Grinding Roller Grinding Roller
Grinding Table Grinding Table

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