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Performance Improvement of Ball Mill in Cement Grinding

24 Feb,2023 UTC+8 Views:

Ball mill is used to grind cement clinker. A ball mill is filled with steel balls that rotate on the axis of the mill which has tumbling and cascading actions on the balls. Impact forces cause the crushing of material in the horizontal cylinder. Grinding media which is usually called grinding balls are made up of high chromium steel. A cement mill is a comminution machine that is used to grind the clinker that comes from the kiln section of the cement industry. The ball mill is divided into two chambers generally called as 1st and 2nd chambers respectively. This is decided on the basis of the size of the feed input. These two chambers of ball mills are usually because of different sizes of grinding media. Clinker size of over 25mm is ground in the first chamber which has large balls. Here the ball mill diameter is in the range of 60-80mm. This grinding is also called coarse grinding. In the second chamber, the grinding media or grinding balls have a size of 15-40mm. Here the clinker from the first chamber is ground into the finished product which is called cement. This grinding is also called fine grinding. 

ball mill for cement grinding

Implementation of optimization measures

1. Increased grinding media piece wt. in 2nd chamber.

2. Reduced separator seal gap.

3. Regular cleaning of both diaphragms during scheduled maintenance.

4. Repairing of separator fan casing wear/puncture portion.

5. Reduction of gypsum and Lime stone sizes.

6. Sorting of deformed grinding media from 2nd chamber.

7. Regular cleaning of separator guide vanes.

8. Increased mill ventilation.

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