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These aspects are used to control noise when Henan cast steel manufacturers process girth gears

01 Mar,2021 UTC+8 Views:

When the manufacturers process large girth gears, they all produce noise. So what ways do the steel casting manufacturers control the noise generation?

1. Carry out corresponding inspections on the quality of raw materials of gears, and strictly require inspections, and choose suitable raw materials from the perspective of practicality. In some areas with low strength requirements, non-metallic materials can be used; for bite gears, one can use non-metallic materials and the other can use metal materials; pinion gears generally use non-metallic materials, which can reduce gear noise transmission.

ball mill parts girth gear

2. To reduce the deformation of the tooth blank after heat treatment, it is necessary to perform rough machining to become a precision forging, and at the same time, it needs to be normalized and quenched and tempered. In the actual operation process, the operator needs proficient operation skills, and is familiar with the importance of each link and temperature adjustment and other related knowledge.

3. The quality of the gear cutting tool must be strictly inspected, and at the same time it can reach the standard of double A level, which can reduce the impact on the performance of the large gear during use.

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