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What will steel casting manufacturer do when the slag pot is poured?

04 Mar,2021 UTC+8 Views:

The steel castings processed by the steel casting manufacturers are made of cast steel materials, and the performance is relatively similar to that of cast iron, but it is much better than cast iron. It is easy to have defects or accurate angular positioning during processing, and breakage may occur during long-term use. According to the structure-related characteristics of the product, a suitable casting method can be selected. In general, fixed pouring or bottom pouring is used.

steel casting slag pot

steel casting slag pot

1. The basic principles to pay attention to when pouring the slag tank: the position of the gate and the riser need to be placed reasonably, and the position must not hinder the shrinkage of the product, which is convenient for the process of sand falling and cleaning, and the size of the casting is minimized and simplified Modeling operation can save sand.

2. Pay attention to the details of the runner: When designing the runner, it should not be placed in an important position to hinder the progress of the process; the distance between the metal liquid flowing into the cavity should be considered; the liquid impacts the mold and the sand mold It also needs to be considered; the dispersion of the liquid should be even, and it can quickly fill the entire cavity; do not directly face the cold iron and core support in the mold.

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