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Limestone Rotary Kiln Technology Features and Advantage

11 Oct,2021 UTC+8 Views:

Lime rotary kiln is mainly used for roasting active lime and light-burned dolomite used in steel plants and ferroalloy plants, the lime rotary kiln manufactured by CHAENG featured in 3 aspects:

1. The kiln is designed with an advanced structure. Be Equipped with a vertical preheater of low pressure and low damage, which can improve the preheating effect. After the preheating procedure, there are 20-25% limestone has been decomposed. The 10-15mm fine-grained limestone can be used directly.


Picture: Preheater

2. For the rotary kiln hoods sealing in the 2 ends, it uses the combined type scaly sealing. It makes sure the air leakage factor is less than 10%. Using compound type fire proofing material to reduce the radiogenic heat lost.

lime rotary kiln.jpg

Picture: Lime Rotary Kiln

3. The vertical cooler is a fill type that can be partitioned and ventilated. They are usually in round or a quadrate shape. The discharged lime temperature from it is usually at 800 ℃+Environment temperature. The lime is easy to convey and storage. Our lime rotary kiln can heating the auxiliary air to 7000℃, reducing the moving parts and special material needs.


Picture: Cooler

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