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Is the interval between the rotary kiln tire important?

10 Jan,2022 UTC+8 Views:

The rotary kiln tyre, also known as the riding ring, is one of the main components of the rotary kiln. It is to transfer all the gravity of the kiln body to the supporting roller, and it is also a part that strengthens the radial rigidity of the cylinder. Generally speaking, there are at least three rotary kiln tyres on the rotary kiln shell, which bear the weight of all rotating parts such as the kiln shell, kiln lining, materials, etc., and transmit the weight to the supporting device. But we will find that there will be some space between the 3 tires, why is this? What will be the impact on the device?

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This is related to the transmission mode of the equipment. The transmission of the rotary kiln adopts a mechanical transmission. The transmission of kinetic energy to the rotary kiln by means of mechanical transmission requires the help of rotary kiln riding ring. In addition to the weight of the rotary kiln equipment itself, it is impossible for one rotary kiln riding ring to make the equipment run, so according to the size of the equipment, at least 3 kiln tires are required. During the high-speed operation of the tire, if the distance is too close, a large friction force will be generated, which will cause a large degree of wear and tear. To avoid this, there is a space between each tire. However, this interval should not be too large. If it is too large, the deformation of the cylinder will increase, which will lead to an increase in the pressure of the weld between the backing plate and the rotary kiln shell, resulting in fracture and shortening the life of the refractory brick;

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Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the equipment, the distance between the kiln tires must be adjusted reasonably. When choosing a rotary kiln manufacturer, it is necessary to choose a manufacturer with rich equipment manufacturing experience, which can reduce the trouble caused by the use of the equipment.
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