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What should we do if the vertical roller mill is not running?

19 May,2022 UTC+8 Views:

vertical roller mills are equipment used for grinding and processing materials, and are indispensable in mining, cement, steel and other industries. However, due to its large size and long-running time, there will be problems such as non-rotation of the mill, powder sticking, and vibration after a long time. If it is not solved in time, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of the equipment!
During the grinding process, a large amount of powder will be generated, and these powders may enter the roller shaft and then reach the bearing of the grinding roller, so that the lubricating oil in the bearing and the powder entering from the outside will form a large amount of sludge and oil pollution, which will cause The lubricating oil is polluted and cannot lubricate. It will also increase the friction force and hinder the flexible rotation of the grinding roller, which makes the rotation of the grinding roller sleeve slow, and may not rotate again in the end.


Figure: Grinding Roller


Figure: Grinding Roller Shell

At this time, it must be stopped immediately, open the observation door of the vertical roller mill, remove the grinding roller, clean the oil and powder inside, and then reapply the lubricating oil and install the grinding roller shell. If one side of the grinding roller shell is seriously worn, it is necessary to replace the new grinding roller shell and then install it on the machine. If you want the VRM to operate normally, regular maintenance and repairs are very important!
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