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What is the air swept coal mill?

21 May,2022 UTC+8 Views:

Currently, most cement plants use coal as the main fuel in the clinker production process. Calcining high-quality cement clinker requires a stable supply of pulverized coal. Therefore, pulverized coal preparation has become an important part of cement production, and coal mills have also become key machines in cement plants. Air-swept coal mills are also key equipment for coal grinding in rotary kilns and industrial kilns. It can be widely used in electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and other industries. The equipment is mainly composed of feeding device, main bearing, rotating part, transmission device, discharging device, high-pressure starting device, and lubrication system. The raw materials are loaded into the mill by the feeding equipment, and the hot air enters the mill through the air inlet pipe. With the rotation of the mill cylinder, the coal and the hot air exchange heat in the mill, and the coal is pulverized and ground in the mill. While the coal is being ground, the fine powder is taken out of the mill by the hot air in the mill through the discharge device. The larger pulverized coal will be taken to the air-swept pulverizer together with the hot air and pulverized again.

Performance advantage
1. The air-swept coal mill has reliable operation, continuous operation and large production capacity.
2. Fewer drive parts and low maintenance cost.
3. Reduce power consumption per unit yield and save 20-30% of power consumption.
4. Reasonably distribute the length of steel balls and cylinders to increase production by 15%-25%.
5. The air-swept coal mill adopts a new material lining plate, which increases the wear resistance, prolongs the service life of the lining plate, and reduces the number of replacements of wearing parts of the equipment.
6. The feeding device adopts a louvered structure with oblique air intake, which enhances the heat exchange capacity of the mill and can effectively prevent the material blocking phenomenon at the inlet of the coal mill.
7. The open-circuit system design can be adapted to produce cement with higher fineness.
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