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The key factors affecting the quality of rotary kiln shell

11 Sep,2023 UTC+8 Views:

Some of the rotary kilns purchased by customers on the market after running for a period of time, why will there be deformation, cracking and cracking? In fact, this situation is closely related to the quality of factory production.


As we all know, Shell is not replaced in the rotary kiln parts, to ensure that the operation process is safe and reliable, and can be used continuously for a long time, so the metal material required to manufacture the rotary kiln shell should have high strength, good plasticity, and should have a certain impact resistance. Rotary kiln shell is made of steel plate, which requires good weldability. Therefore, the material generally used for manufacturing the cylinder is ordinary structural steel plate Q235, and its strength, plasticity and weldability can meet these requirements.

At the same time, Rotary kiln shell needs to be annealed to better improve its performance, many manufacturers will choose sectional annealing or local annealing, but in this way, there will still be residual stress in the weld, and rotary kiln shell of CHAENG use 6*6*18.5m shell overall electric heating automatic control annealing furnace for overall annealing, after annealing, can greatly improve rotary kiln shell performance. Eliminate the residual stress of the weld, reduce the deformation and crack tendency in later use, greatly improve the performance of the rotary kiln, and extend the service life of the rotary kiln.



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