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The whole process can realize the resource utilization of steel slag solid waste

18 Sep,2023 UTC+8 Views:

The research shows that the grinding steel slag powder has lower hydration heat and good wear resistance. After reasonable treatment and development, the steel slag powder can be used as a widely used cementing material. In particular, the steel slag powder mixed with steel slag powder can synthesize the advantages of blast furnace slag powder and steel slag powder, reduce the influence of poor stability of steel slag, and improve the alkalinity, and provide an efficient and environmentally friendly way for the treatment of steel industrial waste. With the continuous acceleration of the industrial process, the industrial grinding technology is constantly improving, and the steel slag grinding technology is also constantly improving. Under reasonable energy consumption, the steel slag powder can be mass-produced.


In recent years, CHAENG has continuously explored the resource utilization of steel slag, and proposed a one-stop comprehensive utilization program of crushing, grinding and ultra-fine grinding for the pre-treated steel slag, which can provide customers with customized and personalized steel slag grinding solutions to realize the resource reuse of steel slag solid waste, further reduce the production cost of cement and reduce the carbon emission of cement admixture.

Crushing magnetic separation system

The steel slag produced by the pre-treatment process is broken by the rod mill to separate the steel slag and metal iron, and the slag and iron are separated by the magnetic separation equipment to meet the needs of the iron and steel slag vertical grinding powder and tail slag.


Vertical grinding powder system 

After cooperation with well-known scientific research institutes at home and abroad, the new vertical mill system is adopted in the grinding process of steel slag production line. After crushing magnetic separation, the steel slag with ≤5MM and metal iron content ≤2% enters the GRMSS series steel slag vertical mill for grinding, with large output, low energy consumption, less abrasion, and the specific surface area of steel slag powder products can be adjusted. It is an adaptive and economical grinding method for steel slag.

CHAENG can provide an annual output of 250-85t/a of steel slag powder program, can provide customers with a "one vertical mill, eight services" comprehensive service program, the vertical mill system has been applied in Shagang Group, Jinxi Iron and Steel, Lu 'an Iron and Steel and other applications.

Vertical grinding powder system

Slag ultrafine powder ball mill system:

After ultrafine grinding, the specific surface area of steel slag powder is ≥ 650 ㎡ /kg, which can be used as high-performance cement mixture and coagulant admixture, which not only makes the cement performance better and the particle distribution wider, but also makes the coagulant formulated with good workability, low water demand and low cost, and becomes a new choice for new cementing materials such as low-carbon cement. 
CHAENG can provide p3.2x16(17.5)m, medium 3.5X16(17.5)m and other aspect ratio >4 ultrafine ball mill and grinding system production line total contract service.
 Slag ultrafine powder ball mill system

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