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What are the advantages of large pulverized coal mill? Vertical coal mill

24 Jan,2024 UTC+8 Views:

Pulverized coal is anthracite, lean coal, coking coal, lignite, etc., mainly used to provide heat energy after combustion, and can be used for power generation, steam generation, daily life heat source, heating and so on. The coal is made into pulverized coal, which is used as heat source and reducing agent for metal smelting and has good combustion performance. Among them, the pulverized coal preparation and selection of pulverized coal mill is very important. What kind of pulverized coal mill is selected for processing?


It is recommended to choose large coal vertical mill for processing pulverized coal, the product is designed and developed on the basis of traditional mill, integrating crushing, conveying, grinding and drying, with high output, saving more than 30% of power consumption than ball mill, high efficiency and energy saving, stable operation, good shock absorption effect, finished particle size :38-74um, production capacity is 20-300t/h, and the advantages are significant:

1. Install explosion-proof devices to ensure safe production
2. Dry raw coal with moisture up to 10%
3. Mill drive part, no auxiliary transmission device is required.
4. Noise only 80-85dB(A sound level)
5. The construction area is only about 60% of the traditional wind-swept ball mill

Many users in the choice of coal vertical mill, for its price is more concerned. In this CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall machinery) vertical roller mill manufacturers remind you, coal vertical mill quotes from hundreds of thousands to millions of have, different manufacturers of production technology, materials and various aspects of the process differences, coupled with different production, resulting in price fluctuations, interested friends must be careful, must not blindly place orders!

CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) vertical roller mill factory is a direct selling factory, can provide users with 30-300t/h, high yield, low consumption, affordable coal vertical mill, welcome to click on the right online consultation, we look forward to your inquiry!


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