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Xinxiang Great Wall 2023 annual summary

31 Jan,2024 UTC+8 Views:

Although the road is far, the line is coming;
Hard as it is, it will be done.
In 2024, let us continue to walk against the light, all the way forward!
Completed projects in 2024:
1. Hubei 600000 t/a of Steel Slag Grinding Plant
2. Henan Jiaozuo Danyang Mineral Powder Co., LTD. 3.5×17.5m ultrafine grinding ball mill
3. Jiangsu Jialong New Material Co., LTD. 3.5m*17.5m ultrafine grinding ball mill
4. Shanxi Shengda Cement Co., LTD. 450,000 t/a slag gridning plant
5. Handan Zhenghao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 300,000 t/a slag gridning plant
6. Shandong pomegranate Garden Company 300,000 t/a slag gridning plant
7. Jilin Mingbang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 300,000 t/a slag gridning plant
8. Weihui Chunjiang Cement Co., LTD. 600,000 t/a GRMS46.21 vertical roller mill
9. Ningxia Jiyuan Juntai New Material Technology Co., LTD GRMS3331 vertical roller mill
10. Salvador Cement Grinding Station project 3.2*13m tube mill
11. Shandong Luzhu Cement Co., LTD. tube mill project 4.2*13 meters tube mill
12. Guilin Dufeng Building Materials Co., LTD. 3.8×13.75m tube mill
 Projects under construction:
13. Anhui annual output of 600,000 t/a steel slag gridning plant
14. Shanxi Jishan Phase III 600,000 t/a slag grinding plant
15. Xinjiang 300,000 t/a slag grinding plant
16. Jiangxi 300,000 t/a slag grinding plant
17. Shanxi has an annual output of 300,000 t/a slag grinding plant
18. Yunnan pulverized coal preparation system project

The first batch of green manufacturing service providers in Henan Province in 2023
2023 National intellectual property advantage enterprise
Social contribution:
1. 2023 Great Wall Education Fund will be released as scheduled: Since the establishment of the Education Fund in 2018, Xinxiang Great Wall has always regarded its support for education as an important measure for the company to fulfill its corporate responsibilities. For six consecutive years, Xinxiang Great Wall has awarded outstanding students and teachers in the college entrance examination in our city. It has funded 147 people and awarded 1.4 million yuan, continuously making positive contributions to the development of education in Huixian County.
2. 99 charity Day 500,000 yuan
Go international:
EXPOMIN2023, the first professional mining exhibition in Latin America and the second largest in the world - Santiago Mining Exhibition in Chile
2023 The 28th Russian International Metal Metallurgy Industry Exhibition
Industry Conference:
2023 The 16th China Non-metallic ore Technology and market exchange Conference
2023 National Solid Waste Utilization and low-carbon civil engineering materials technology and equipment Exhibition
2023 Cement "Double carbon" conference and the 10th China Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference
2023 The 6th National Metallurgical Solid Waste and tailings treatment and utilization technology exchange conference
Employee growth:
During the conference, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. technical engineer Guo Wenbin won the "Henan Province May 1 Labor Medal", technician Zhao Wenshun won the "Xinxiang City May 1 Labor Medal!
In Huixian City to celebrate the "May Day" Labor Day and May Day Labor medal winners naming conference, Xinxiang Great Wall five people won the "Huixian City May Day Labor Medal", they are Yan Guanyang, Liang Jianshan, Zhao Ying, Lu Xiuyan, Dong Baosheng!


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