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The important direction of solid waste utilization -- filling cement material in all solid waste min

23 Feb,2024 UTC+8 Views:

 With the increasing proportion of filling mining method in mining, the demand for filling cementitious materials is also increasing. Cement and cementing powder are the most used filling cementing materials in filling. Cement has been gradually replaced by cementing powder with mineral powder as the main raw material due to high price, high production energy consumption, poor curing effect on fine tailings and other reasons. However, in recent years, with the tightening of environmental protection policies, the utilization of mineral powder has increased year by year, and in some areas, demand exceeds supply. As a result, the production cost of cement cement is close to 42.5 cement, and the filling cost is high. At the same time, the metallurgical industry annually discharged a large number of steel slag, white slag, alkali slag, magnesium slag, calcium carbide slag, red mud and industrial by-product gypsum and other low-quality solid waste, due to poor quality, low activity, resulting in low quality solid waste resource utilization is difficult, high cost, low utilization rate problems. In view of the characteristics of low strength and high water-cement ratio, using low quality solid waste to develop low cost full solid waste filling cement material can not only significantly reduce the mining cost of tailings filling and alleviate the shortage of high-quality slag resources, but also explore a way for low quality solid waste modeling and high value-added utilization.

At present, CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) has been for Ningxia, Shanxi and other customers to provide cementing material production program, host selection of CHAENG GRM vertical roller mill, including slag, steel slag, gypsum and other materials, after commissioning, the indicators fully meet customer requirements, the finished product can be widely used in the mine backfill industry, greatly reduce production costs, improve the utilization rate of solid waste resources, At the same time, it also improves the high-quality development of the green mining industry.

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