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Ball Mill Head

Weight: > 1 Ton

Material: Steel ZG230-450

Application: Building material industry

Customizable: Yes, according to the customer's drawings


1. Simulation and modeling
Before casting, CHAENG uses CAE software to simulate the casting process digitally and uses numerical simulation technology to analyze and predict the quality of the product's molding process to complete the process optimization of the ball mill end cover.
2. Pouring and heat treatment
The raw and auxiliary materials that have passed the inspection are put into the electric arc furnace for smelting in proportion. In order to purify the molten steel, CHAENG transforms the ladle and refines the molten steel by blowing argon gas; the molten iron is sampled for spectral analysis. Cast according to the "quick pour" principle, and record the pouring time and temperature.
3. Flaw detection and finishing
After that, the cutting and pouring risers and the flash finishing process are carried out. Professional grinding and finishing team, and large-scale shot blasting equipment, effectively improve the appearance quality of end covers and hollow shafts, so that the surface finish meets customer requirements. professional flaw detection equipment is used to conduct non-destructive testing on each end cap to ensure the internal quality of the end cap and the hollow shaft, preventing defective products from leaving the factory.

ball mill head technology.jpg


1. Rich processing experience, reliable product quality
Using high-quality raw materials and mature technology, chaeng now has rich experience in ball mill inlet head manufacturing. In the production process, we encounter many common problems in the industry. We continue to use new technologies and new processes to enhance its wear resistance and improve compression resistance. At the same time, a secondary flaw detector is used to detect the inside of the end covers to ensure the quality of the product.
2. Closely fit the parts, no leakage problem
The end covers produced by chaeng can be adjusted according to specific equipment, so that the ball mill trunnion head and the incoming parts are more closely fitted, and there is no gap, which effectively prevents the leakage problem caused by the poor fit between the end covers of the ball mill and the components.
3. Stable operation and long service life
The hollow shaft matched with CHAENG is also cast from high-strength steel. In the early stage of casting, professional engineers also optimized the process structure of the end cover and hollow shaft of the ball mill according to the operation characteristics of the ball mill, which essentially guaranteed the stability of the components under long-term operation and extends the service life of the components.


1. Great Wall Machinery's ball mill end covers are exported to Chile

cement mill head.jpg

2. ball mill head exported to Canada

ball mill head in Canada.jpg

Service & Support

1. It has its own large casting foundry, which is very few in the same industry

girth gear manuacturer 

CHAENG has its own large casting base, and employs the top talents of casting technology to serve as the senior manager and its technical team. Now, CHAENG casting base already has the comprehensive ability to provide users a series services from semi-finished products casting to finished products and a complete solution to the key assembly parts.

2. GB Level 2 inspection standard to ensure the spare parts are qualified
The particular process solution can be made according to the different needs of customers. and each casting section will be strictly controlled. To make sure every product is 360 ° Nondestructive Flaw Test before delivery and no defective products leave from the factory.

The advanced technology and meticulous casting process ensure the quality of the castings, thereby makes the first maintenance time of the main spare parts 2-3 months later than that of the others.

Auxiliary Equipment

Ball mill trunnion Ball mill trunnion
Wear-resistant steel ball Wear-resistant steel ball
Ball Mill Liner Ball Mill Liner

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